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What China Wants From Africa (Opinion)

In my opinion;

The first thing is Africa's resources, whether it be oil in Angola, Cobalt and Uranium in Congo, Aluminium, copper, silver and other resources throughout Africa are what China wants - no difference from so many other nations on earth.

The second thing China wants is access to its markets to sell Chinese products. Whether it be clothes or shoes a seller bought in Xiao Bei or San Yuan Li or cell phones at an affordable price.

Also, China wants to export their infrastructure as well. Considering China has gotten pretty good at building tunnels, railroads, subways, power plants, and highways then they have more than enough qualified people to build it.

Just like everyone else on earth China wants resources and money. The only difference is that the Chinese governments don't publicly talk down to leaders of African countries. Even though their government and the average person in China pretty much do look down on most African countries. Just smile, hold your nose and make money is what it seems like to me.

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