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4 Common Things That Slowly Damage A Phone's Battery

1. Using A Foreign Charger.

Make sure to use only the charger that came with your phone. If it unfortunately gets spoilt, look for a suitable replacement charger.

2. Waiting For The Battery To Be Flat Before Recharging

You are damaging your battery if you always wait for your phone to be completely drained before you charge it. A battery has a couple of full charge cycles before it starts deteriorating.

3. Overheating

One big enemy of a battery is heat. When your phone is hot, your battery will drain much faster, even if you are not using it. Heat also damages the battery by reducing its ability to hold a charge. Always avoid situations that will cause your phone to overheat.

4. Charging Your Phone While Using It

This is something many of us are guilty of doing but it slowly damages your battery. When you use it while it's charging, you are stressing the battery because it is using up energy and at the same, it is replenishing it.

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