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See the reasons why most phones come with multiple cameras (opinion)

As of recent updates on the world's technology system, new methods and ways of invention are happening and coming. Example is the recent phones multiple cameras with a lot of versatility.

There are several benefits of having a phone with multiple cameras.

1. To be able to switch between the three different focal length quickly.

2. It captures stereo and light field in the same way our eyes provide us with the stereo image in front of us.

3. It improves the quality of our photos.

4. It's best for those who are into photography.

5. It gives us a better clear version of what we are capturing.

Here are reasons why they are three cameras instead of one.

  • It brings together different facets of photography, which was earlier possible by using different lenses on DSLRs. So, overall, the camera system becomes more versatile.
  • The strength of computational photography using AI and software processing can synergize the final output.
  • The use of multiple cameras can drive other popular features like portrait bokeh effect, and low-light photography.
  • Manufacturers can combine feed from multiple sensors, resulting in better details and dynamic range.

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