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iphone 11 Max Pro Versus Hot Lava, See What Will Happen?

Iphones are product of apple company, one of the best software companies in the whole world. Their latest product on smartphones is iPhone 11, which is a very powerful phone that comes in two categories namely: iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 pro Max. These two types of iPhone comes in very handy size with lots of features such as fire resistance, water resistance, etc. 

I know that many people must have wondered whether it is true, that such phones are actually water proof and fire proof. Well, I'll be sharing with you some photos from an experiment that was conducted to test the fire resistant capability of iPhone 11 pro max. 

The materials for the experiment includes: 

1. An iPhone 11 pro max

2. An Electric Furnace and piece of metals to be heated into lava

Experiment Procedure

The metals were heated in the electric furnace up-to a temperature of 1010 degree Celsius, after which it was poured gently on the screen of the iPhone 11 pro max. 

Now the questions you will be asking your self are: What Will happen after the hot lava is poured on the iPhone?

Will the iPhone survive at the end or not? 

In other to satisfy your curiosity, checkout the pictures below gradually to the end.

That's it, the iPhone tried at the beginning as only the upper portion of the screen was affected. But as the hot lava was further poured on the remaining good portion of the screen, the iPhone exploded into pieces and caught fire. Therefore, it appears that iPhone 11 pro max is not entirely fire resistant after all.

Hope you enjoyed this piece.

Content created and supplied by: AKONIMI (via Opera News )

Hot Lava Max Max Pro iPhone


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