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How To Limit Your Device Mobile Data Usage

 This has always been a problem to many Android users ,there are simple ways you can limit your device data usage and what also consumes your mobile or cellular data

 How to limit data usage in settings

These are very easy steps you should take note of

a)Go to settings-Data usage-billing cycle-Data limit and billing cycle  Meaning that you should heed to settings then under settings go to data usage then to billing cycle , from here you can reduce your monthly data usage settings

2)Restrict your phone data background apps:go to settings and click on data usage, from this you can see the statistics of which app is consuming each amount of data or each app data usage and next restrict app background data

3)Use compression or data saver in Chrome: To use this special feature ,open your Chrome app at the upper right corner ,then tap on data saver

4) Update apps over wifi only

5) Limit Your usage of data streaming apps

6)Keep an eye on your device apps

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