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Read more about the India app that Federal Government migrated to after banning Twitter

The federal government has decided to open an official account with an Indian microblogging app after the ban placed on Twitter's operations in Nigeria.


The suspension placed on Twitter came after the platform deleted one of Mr. President's tweets on the 1st of June, 2021. Although Nigerians do not feel delighted about the ban, the Federal Government has proven beyond doubt that it might not reverse it.

Koo App.

However, to set the ground rolling for Nigerians, the Government has decided to open an official account on the Koo app. The Koo app is a microblogging platform just like Twitter. The only difference is that the Koo app has its Headquarters in Bengaluru, India.

Nigerian Government on the Koo App.

According to Wikipedia, Users can categorize their posts with hashtags, which are words or phrases prefixed with a "#" sign. Koo's interface is similar to that of Twitter. Another resemblance is that when mentioning or replying to other users, you use the "@" sign followed by a username. The interface for Koo is yellow and white.

On May 4, 2021, Koo launched a new feature called "Talk to Type," which allows users to make a post using the app's voice assistant while speaking. English, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, and Telugu are among the languages supported by the app.

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