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How to download YouTube videos to your Phone with minimal data

It is usually a burden for many during this period to catch up with learning. YouTube offers a window of opportunity to remain relevant. There are so many ways you can adopt in downloading YouTube videos without consuming much data.

There are quite a number of App that can be used. Also, YouTube videos can also be downloaded using some websites and this will be our focus.

Below are steps to take (with snap shots for proper comprehension)

1) Go to YouTube and search for the video

2) Copy the video URL:

This can be done by the pressing the exact video you want for a second and the following will pop up

Click on "copy link address"

3) Open a new tab

Then paste the link you copied earlier in the space provided. You will add two letters 'pp'

after the word YouTube in the link you pasted, then press enter.

You will see this

4) There will be various video quality to choose from.

Just as shown below

NOTE: 240p(mp4) is okay for mobile phones especially when you want to conserve data.

5) Click on download

this will come up

6) Click on download and it will download immediately.

The only challenge with this method is that you must ensure that your network is at its best whenever you want to use this method (the reason being that once there is network failure it will start all over again, imagine downloading a video that is 500MB and got to 90% and start s all over because of network failure). Once again ensure your network is very good before you use this method.

NOTE: Networks are always at their best between 12am and 6am.

If you find this helpful please leave your comments below.


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