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5 Lessons Everyone should Learn from the Bitcoin Scam that happened on Twitter Yesterday

Yesterday evening, the popular social media messaging app Twitter was in a mess as the accounts of many prominent people and organizations were hacked and used to send out tweets about a deal to double Bitcoin sent to various Bitcoin addresses.

The account hacked include the accounts of Barrack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and several prominent men.

See the list below

The messages sent out by the hackers were if a similar pattern and should have arisen suspicion among Twitter users.

Here are screenshot of some of the tweets:

Considering the networth of the individuals whose accounts were used to tweet these, many people fell and sent a lot of Bitcoin to the specified Bitcoin addresses only to realize that it was indeed a scam.

The unfortunate turn of events is that about 16700 people have already sent Bitcoin worth over $40,000 to the Bitcoin addresses of the scammers.

After the confirmation of the event being scam, a lot reactions started flying up and down and of course, many people had something to say about the incident.

This is one of the many reactions I have to agree with.

Here are five lessons Everyone should take away from this:

1. It is important to be observant: once you notice a thing like thing, you should consider and look for traces of it being fake. For instance a Celebrity who always poses with the tag "Twitter for iPhone" suddenly posts with Twitter for web app should arouse suspicion.

2. Greed is Bad.

Most people who fell for this fell due to their want to have more and gain more than they already have. It is important to be content and not always looking to accumulate more.

3. Money Doubling is never real.

No matter who promises to double your money, you should be careful as it is almost impossible to get 100% returns on any type of investment.

4.Knowledge is Power.

It would have saved a lot if people if they actually knew these Celebrities and how they sent aid to people. They never do it on Twitter or via social media.

There is always an application to fill to receive aid from these Kind of wealthy individuals.

5. Shine your Eye and Always do your due diligence before doing anything.

The street as we often hear is not safe so there is need to shine your eye and recognize a scam when you see one. One should always be careful especially with issues like this that have a sense of urgency attached to them.

The good news is that Twitter support is working on the issues and earnestly trying to resolve it.

What are your thoughts on the Bitcoin saga that occurred on Twitter yesterday?

Why do you think people fell?

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Content created and supplied by: Hannahobasi16 (via Opera News )

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