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Take note of this to avoid gas explosion

As you all know, gas is a very dangerous thing. and it has killed a lot of people. cause gas is not a thing to play or joke with. It's not like stove that you can behave anyhow around.

Cause when using Gas at home, you need to always keep the lights off when ever your about to make use of the Gas. don't turn on the light, Cause it may spark an explosion if the gas is present.

And this is most especially for those who keep their Gas cylinder indoors. it's very bad. that why you need to always keep your gas cylinder outdoors in other to prevent you and your family from any means of explosion. 

And make sure you have a flash light handy. cause it's very dangerous for someone to make use of his/her phone torch close to Gas. cause it so risky and it may spark explosion if gas is present. 

And do not make calls close to a gas. cause this to can cause an explosion. Cause so many people have died due to use of their phones close to a gas. 

And when ever your about to use gas, make sure you open all the windows in the kitchen. and make sure you ventilate the house. Keep the doors and windows open cause that will help get any gases out.

And always make sure that all your gas appliances, chimneys, vents, and gas lines in your home or business inspected each year. 

And when ever there's a gas leak, make sure everyone in the house or building knows so that they can leave quickly to avoid any damage or injuries. 

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