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"Beware"- Why You Should Open any Text Message Sent to Your Phone Immediately Without Ignoring

Why You Should Open any Text Message Sent to Your Phone Immediately Without Ignoring

Most times when text messages are sent into people's phones they hear it sound but avoid going to check what the message is exactly. This might be because such person is busy on the internet or playing games etc. They tell themselves that they would check on it at a later time but end up forgetting to check the message.

This is very dangerous because sometimes the details of that message can be something that would cost a person all the money he/she has in their account.

For example; Wale has N100,000 in his account. Someone was able to get some private information about his account, the person gets access and transfers some amount from Wale's account. This deduction would come as a message alert on Wale's phone. However Wale is playing a game and ignores the message to check on it later.

This person tried again and noticed that Wale has a "substantial amount of money" in his account. This person keeps on trying while wale avoids all the alerts coming in. This goes on and on till all the money in Wale's account is withdrawn.

If he was checking his messages, he would have seen the first alert, and probably called to have his account blocked, or transferred all he had to someone he trusts. However, he ignores the messages and even lost all his money without having any idea, till he probably tries doing a transaction and sees "Insufficient" balance.

This is just an example, but it happens really. Hence, try to check every single message sent into your phone immediately and do not ignore.

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