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The A-Z Tutorial Of How To Hunt For Host And Get Free Internet On Any Network

We all know all internet service providers give free access to some pages or their default homepage with any data, i.e zero balance sites. If you are eager to learn how to hunt for host and get freenet then you are on the right place, just read this carefully.

Topic To Be Explain

- Free host

- Port

- Proxy server

        Free Host

Free host are those websites that are totally free on your internet browser that can be accessed without active data bundle.


Port number is a way on how to identify how message is received by the server. As normal Tcp uses port 80 and Https uses port 443, but a site with this kind of address use 8080 port "Https://

       Proxy Server

Proxy server serves as a checkpoint between client and server. In a layman example it serves as secretary between the boss and the clients.

Ok, now let's look on how to start the hunting, there are sites that can be used to scan for hosts, working proxies and ports. eg yougetsignal, check-host etc

We are going to test this host on check-host

Here are the pictures

Put the host inside it's written check host

You see the response from the site.

We also have apps that can be used for scanning of free hosts, eg http injector host finder tool, http tester, ping & net etc.

To scan you should install those app on your android phone.

We are going to http injector now

Click the tools and click check host

Put any site you think a test for the possible connection.

Check if it comes back 200 OK code that means there possibility of getting free Internet connection. See the picture below it comes with 200 ok code that means there is possibility of getting free Internet, the one is 200 OK code but the connection is closed.

The next application we are going to use to scan for hosts is http tester.

But you see here on http tester the response code 403, which is not possible to gain free Internet access.

Thanks For Reading, Follow Me On The Next Post.

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Ok Port Port Tcp


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