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Having low reactions on Facebook? Check out these simple steps to guide you in boosting it

Dear OperaMini Users, I'm welcoming you to my first article and I hope you'll gain from it so much...

I'm gonna teach you how to promote your FB account to get high reactions and there are some few things needed that are highlighted below...

1. A new FaceBook Account.

2. Sufficient Data.

3. Influencial Person(s).

Now let's proceed😁😁

First, you've got to set your Fb account properly not just the random and boring settings that are normally done.

Go to Settings, Under Settings are three major hardcore we are working with...

1. Privacy Settings.

2. Timeline and Tagging.

3. Public Posts.

For Privacy Settings, Set all of the options to Public; this would grant you more audience on your posts. Then set your Friend List to Only Me and also your Birthday Date.

For TimeLine and Tagging, Set both options to On to approve which posts you want on your Timeline;

Note: This is to avoid OverCrowding of posts on your Timeline which are not even yours!!!😂😂😂

For Public Post, Set all options to Public and Turn off Comment Ranking... This is to avoid some of the comments on your posts flagged as irrelevant.

Now we are done for Settings...

Let's move on...

Setting your profile is quite easy, Put a fancy Bio with probably Fancy fonts to make it more attractive. Then, move on to setting your account in a weird way to make people notice your profile...

And lastly, add friends (Influencial) with high reactions and also add up their reactors. But I strongly recommend you should add more of Foreign reactors and Memers like SouthAfricans, Nepal, India e.t.c

You're all done and set for booming reactions!!!

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Thank You_/_✍🏽

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