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9 Mistakes We Make That Shortens The Life Of Our Gadgets, And Its High-Time We Stop Them.

Have you ever experienced a situation where your electronic gadgets like the phones, laptop, or even tablets start acting up after just several months of its purchase? If yes, then you're not alone and one thing have come to realise is that in most cases,we to be blamed. The truth is that most of us just buy and start operating our gadgets without reading the manuals.

However, this article contains a compilation of 9 mistakes we all make that Shortens the lifespan of our electronic devices, and it's high time we stop them. Read And Learn.

1. Charging mistakes.

Most of us wait till our phone battery drops to zero before recharging it, but this wrong. Please understand that the orientation of modern phone batteries are such that their lifespan is determined by the number of full discharge cycles (usually between 400 and 600 cycles).

So, don't wait till your phone gets to zero before charging. Also, I personally recommend that you charge when the battery is between 15% to 20% to increase the discharge cycles. However, to make the battery stronger keep your charging range between 30% to 80%.

2. Buying Cheap and Substandard Chargers.

These chargers may look cheap, but the dangers they cause is not worth buying it. Furthermore, these cheap chargers may not have inbuilt regulators, and note that unregulated currents can spoil your point charging point or battery itself.

3. Charging with your phone casing on.

Did you know that charging your phone with it's casing on could lead to overheating after some time? This in turn affects the lifespan of your phones.

So, always make sure you take of the phone's casing before you charge your phone.

4. Letting Our Laptop/Computer screen face the sun.Did you know that too long or extensive exposure of the screens of your computer can cause the display colours to fade off?

So let's stop doing this.

5. Keeping things on the keyboard of your laptop before closing it.

Always avoid leaving things on your laptop keyboard before you shut it. In more simpler terms, be certain that there's nothing on your the keyboard before closing it because a little object could cause damage to the screen of your laptop.

6. Not unplugging your laptop/PC( and other electronics) during an heavy rain or thunderstorm.

This is not a fiction, please understand that not unplugging and powering off your laptop/PC during could lead to the damage of the PC because the thunderstorms could create a power surge that the computers can't withstand.

So, to avoid any damages unplug and power off your computers.

Note that, this also applies to other electronic devices.

7. Not using Uninterruptible Power Supply [UPS] in an area where voltage fluctuations occurs frequently.

This mistake will not only truncate the lifespan of your computers but also cost you some amount of money. However, if you're unlucky, the device might not be repairable which means you've lost your data.

8. Placing your laptop directly on your knee or on the bed.

Did you know that doing this prevents blocks the laptop's air openings? And this could lead to overheating which is very bad for the device. However to prevent this place them in something that will aid ventilation.

9. Using your smartphone in a very cold weather.

Always keep your phone in your bag or inner pockets of our cloths,and don't forget to put using their casing. The principal reason for doing this is because very low temperatures are dangerous to the phone's battery.

Thanks for reading.

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