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How To Easily Track, Lock and Flash (Erase), Your Android Device From home.

This article contain guidelines that will enable you have control over your Android phone even when you loose it or when you feel it is currently unsecured. Right from your comfort zone without touching the phone.

All this are to be done using a different device at hand.


Visit the site then login the Google Account (Gmail) that is active or last used on the phone.

After logging in your Google Account

Note: If you have logged in the same Google Account into different Android devices previously then you will have to select the name of the phone in order to reach the phone.

A -: After a successful login, the indicated phone will receive a notification immediately and then you will receive the location of the lost phone as the location will be displayed on the map.

Note: while locating your phone the identified location on the map will only be approximately accurate or might not also be accurate. And if the phone can't be found, you'll see the last know location, only if that is available.

No. 2

Then select any action you want to carry out on your Android device after track. If the needed, first set up the lock & erase.

Play sound: when this action is selected it will immediately force the phone to ring at full volume for complete five (5) minutes even if the phone is set up to silent or vibration mood.

Lock: this action grants you access to change your security settings (pin,password or pattern) on your lost Android device even if there is an existing or no existing security code on it.

Note: In order to direct or help someone return your lost phone back to you, you will need to add a message or phone number after setting up the lock and this will be displayed on the lock screen. This message should have your current location for the person to locate and return your phone.

Erase: this command will enable you to delete all your saved data permanently on the lost or unsecured phone. And this action might not delete any data from the SD card (if any).

Please also NOTE that the Google Account will also be cleared. Which means that you will lose track of the phone as the FIND MY DEVICE will immediately log off after erasing all data as no data will be left.

Note that you will your Google Account details on the phone if found after data has been erased to enable you use it again.

Please do well to share this easy steps with friends using Android Devices you know to relief them from panicking after losing their Android device.

Note: for all custom Android version users.

If the above steps did not work on your phone, then you are adviced to quickly contact your device manufacturer to check it out.


Simple and Easy Protocols needed for all Android phone users as it support easy tracking if LOST.

In order to make any Successful Tracking, Lock or Erase on a lost or unsecured Android device to be made the phone must actively be;

- > Switched on

- > Currently logged in to a Google Account

- > Connected to mobile data or Wi-Fi

- > Active on Google Play

- > Location enabled

- > Find My Device enabled

Pls share and comment.

Comment if you are still not clear of how it works.

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