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If You See Anybody Preaching On Facebook Look At What It Means


Please take out time to read through this, The Writer bleeds

Sometimes ago, I came across a young man's write-up here online, I read through it and it was very powerful indeed, I learnt a lot from the article to be frank.

So, when I went to the comment box to appreciate the Writer, what I saw got me shocked..

The kind of abusive words some Believers were commenting were very heartaching. Very heartbroken indeed

If you see how this young boy was being slaughtered with abusive words..

Some were even busy backing up their insults with scriptures. I felt so much for this young man, I wept bitterly for him , I knew how he would feel, because I am a Writer too

And since then, I do not see him post any article again.. That was how he was sent into silence by his fellow brethren. He was sent into Oblivion by same Believers

I am sorry to say this, I wonder if some of us have truly gone through home training before we surface here on social media, I wonder if some of us truly have Christ in us..

I have once written and someone said my article is disgusting.

I have taken out my whole time to write and somebody said, I wrote "Nonsense". But I smiled..

I have been severally humiliated and insulted, but I glory in it..

People's insult has become by second baptismal name..

Some after reading my article cursed me and even used bible verses to back it up..

You don't know how many people who are not happy each time they see your post here online..

Believers!! What are we even dragging? Kiaa.. We are our problems!

David Yonggi Cho once said: "I am not afraid of the attack from the world, but the one from the Believers"

Whether you are a PULPIT PREACHER or A FACEBOOK PREACHER, we are all doing the same work..

Don't see those who preach on Facebook as useless people, man of God, USE YOUR PULPIT WHILE WE USE OUR DATA..


I have been receiving countless testimonies across the world how God has been using our write-ups to save and bless lives..

To God be the glory!!

Children of God, Writing is not easy, it is also part of God's calling and we must not all stand on pulpit to preach

Please if you see anybody that God has called in that field of preaching here on Facebook, encourage him and If you can't, don't abuse him.

We don't write for accolades or applauds if that is our reason we could have gotten tired by now, we write to depopulate hell, don't join hands with hell to fight men God is using in this end time. Be sensitive!!

Dear fellow Brethren, if somebody post what is not scriptural and biblical to you, correct with love. let love lead..

I pray God give us understanding

I am

Evang Justice Ruby Anointed

# The_Kingdom_Writer

# A_mission_Evangelist

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