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Earn Extra Cash for Using These Top 4 Apps on a Daily Basis, You Will Get Paid for Using The Apps

We all need extra cash for our daily need in order for us to pay some bills and other expenses, but the fact is that some people are finding it hard to make use of their smartphone in a profitable ways, maybe due to lack of ideas and creativity in a way of making their mobile phones be useful to them, apart from making calls, watching video, playing music, playing games and browsing in an unproductive ways. But you can actually do all that and get paid why using your smartphone.

By now you must heard about some good and useful apps that will pay good money for using the app, but note that you are not going to get rich overnight by using these apps. Meanwhile, if you're looking for ways to get rich quick you will need God intervention to help you. Because you won't be able to earn that much money from these apps. But you will be able to earn extra money for your daily needs with small effort.

Below is a list of top 5 legitimate smartphone apps that will pay you for using the apps:

1) InboxDollars App:

I must tell you the fact that Inboxdollars is one of the very best app out there that will pay you good money just for watching videos, playing video games, shopping, taking surveys. They have been in existence for the past ten years and they are still doing good. InboxDollars will Pay through PayPal, gift cards, and check. According InboxDollars, you will get paid each time you complete a task, the minimum cashout is 30 dollars.

2) YouTube App:

Some of us only make use of YouTube app to watch videos online, but you never know about making money from using the app. Here is secret, if you are creative and have a sound mind, trust me you make good money from creating videos on YouTube. Google about making video for YouTube and how to get paid. It's as simple as that. Incase you don't know, Google owns YouTube app, you will make money for each video you uploaded on YouTube platform.

3) SwagBucks:

Swagbucks, It's quite similar to InboxDollars in all ways. if you're familiar with inboxdollars it won't be hard for you on how to make money with. Swagbucks also pays you for completing tasks, example like shopping online, completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, and they have good referrer program.

As a new user on Swagbucks will give you up to $5 bonus for signing up. And you will get paid through Amazon gift cards, PayPal, Starbucks gift cards.

4) Opay App:

I must tell you the fact that opay app is a very good platform to receive and transfer money online. You can get the app on google Playstore and iOS, after downloading the app, just refer as many people as you can in order to get paid direct to your bank account

5) GigWalk:

Gigwalk will gives you simple tasks to do at local store in your area and pays you when you complete task. Your main job is to report to the app platform your experiences in a particular store about the their products. Don't worry about the tasks you will be given to do, it's not too hard to understand because the app is very easy to use and understand. You will need to apply for a gig, and pick a deadline for it withing 3 to 24 hours.

GigWalk will pay you about $5 to $100 after using the app for short time. You will be paid through PayPal within two to seven days after your request for withdrawal.

Please don't just read start now and earn extra cash for yourself and more interesting articles that will help you make your life easier will be publish on a daily basis.

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