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15 affordable Android phones you can get at the price of 30,000Naira.(photos)

15 Android phones you can get at the price of 30 000Naira.(photos)

You will agree with me that a phone is one of the accessories a man needs to looks classy, when it comes to phones most Nigerians don't take the issue lightly at all, they prefer to use either an android or a iPhone, to be honest most Nigerians prefer iphones to Android due to the fanciness and camera quality.

Many people think android phones are not as quality as they want it to be, we won't want to digress to that point, leaving behind our main topic, if you want to know more about phones follow our page because that's what we will be discussing in our next post.

But there are some people who can't afford these expensive phones, if they can't use these phones there has to be an alternative for them, since all fingers are not equal am happy to tell you that there are phones that you can still afford at your average level.

We will be sharing some photos of phones which we feel you can afford, if you can afford these phone don't worry just wait for your time.

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