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Things That Use Most Of Your Phone Storage And How To Solve Storage Problems

It can feel so bad when your phone just tells you that your memory is already running out of storage space and that you need to clear some trash, files and probably uninstall some unused applications and the rest. The worst of everything is that you begin to delete files and clear trash and junk file and all sorts and still yet nothing helps. It's like the more you clear files, the more your storage gets filled and you don't seem to understand the problem.

Well, you have come to the right place as this article will help you to identify the stuffs that uses most of your phone storage and how to solve the issue of phonetics storage problems. Don't forget to like, comment and share and also follow to get more phone hacks.

Now, first and foremost , what uses most of your phone storage space include; applications, files and others, bit we would list the most common ones that's found in almost everyone's phone and not including special top big files, games and applications. They include the following;

1. Chrome Browser

In case you may have not noticed, chrome browsers, in terms of the its size in your phone, takes just 0B, meaning it doesn't take any single space to be on your phone. It's a system app for most android phones. But one thing about Chrome browser is that it accumulates lots of data reaching up to 5GB and if all these data are cleared, it doesn't affect the history and any saved stuff on the browser hence your email is still synched to it.

How do you know how much space your chrome browser has consumed? Just go to setting and click on storage. Select applications, if you haven't cleared your chrome browser of all the caches before then you'll see it at the top having the largest size among all your applications. Depending on how often you use your chrome browser, that's the amount of storage space it uses up.

Now in order to solve this problem, make sure your chrome browser is first synched to your email so that you won't clear out your saved passwords for some sensitive sites. If your email is already synched, then just go to settings and select storage, click on applications, when you see chrome, just click on clear data and then everything will free up space in your phone storage. After this process, open your chrome browser and select your email, every saved item will still be there. Chrome can use storage space for up to 5 or 6 GB as the case may be.

2. WhatsApp

So many people are not aware of how much space WhatsApp can consume. If you go to settings and click on storage and select applications, then opening how much storage space WhatsApp is using, you'll see that it doesn't use more than maybe 500MB of storage space, but the real space consumed by WhatsApp can be over 1GB maybe even close to 1GB cause there are so many things saved automatically to your phone through WhatsApp.

Now some of those things include; WhatsApp status, WhatsApp stickers, WhatsApp shared and WhatsApp Cached data, etc.

Concerning WhatsApp status, anytime you view someone's status on WhatsApp, your phone automatically saves it to your phone storage whether you have a status saver or not. So if you've viewed so many status let's say 1500 and each has a size of 1mb, that means 1500mb which means that it has used 1.5GB of storage and the truth about this is that it is useless as you don't use any of it for anything.

Just go to your WhatsApp folder in your file manager

and then click on media and you'll see status there, you can just delete all of them and then your storage space will increase by how much size those status are occupying. Note that you won't be able to view those status in WhatsApp anymore as you've deleted them, but what's the loss when you've already viewed them.

Also, if you open the WhatsApp folder, you'll see Databases,

and those files inside occupy about 60mb or more for each and you can see up to 4, 5 or more there. Guess what, those things don't mean anything as they just take up space in your phone storage. They look like this;

One other WhatsApp folder is Shared. They also take up space in your phone and when you open it, the files inside just have no meaning.

Then moving on to media, you'll see WhatsApp stickers.

Now we all know that if someone sent you a sticker on WhatsApp, you can add it to favourites. But do you know that whether or not you save it, your phone automatically saves it to your phone? Now I know that each sticker is in Kilobytes, but what if you have 1000 stickers of 15kb each? That's a lot of space taken and if you delete all of them, it doesn't affect the ones you already saved. So why waste such a large amount of space on unsaved stickers?

What of Whatsapp shared? This also takes space in your phone storage and they are nas well not useful.

Then finally, WhatsApp cached data. Just long press your WhatsApp icon on your home screen and select app info or info.

After that, select storage.

You'll see how much space is consumed by WhatsApp and then you can clear the cached data from there.

3. Trash Files And Junk Files

Trash files and junk files also use up your phone storage space in ways that you never knew. This can include picture trash files, junk files, and trash from uninstalled applications.

For most of you that haven't noticed, if you u install an application or a game, some of its trash are still left in your phone and this may use up space.

Also for those who are very good at deleting pictures, don't actually delete them but take them to their trash folder which can be there for up to 60 days or so. If you're no longer using pictures in the trash, just clear them and empty the trash as illustrated below.

Open your google photo application and click on the 3 stripes as shown below

After that, select trash

Thereafter, click on the 3 dots shown at the top right

And a new pop up will show indicating select and empty trash. Select empty trash and then all those trash images will be deleted thereby freeing up your phone storage. There are so many other things that take up phone storage but these are just some of the very few for now.

You can click on the like and follow button to get more updates about your android device. Remember space is very vital.

Content created and supplied by: EgbonYoruba (via Opera News )


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