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Top Smartphone Makers Says: They Made A Way To Charge Your Phone In Just 20 Minutes

It's not new thing to us; we love new technology features, updates, gadgets and others.

When you heard update related to technology just imagine it comes from chinese country & their men and it's true.

I'm writing this article to share great news with all smartphone users who are willing to charge their phone in just minutes not hours.

An oppo company which belongs to chinese and fifth largest smartphone maker in the world has developed new charging technology that it claims can fully charge almost every smartphone just in 20 minutes.

Oppo company announced on Wednesday (yesterday, 15 July, 2020).

If oppo's claim are true, their smartphones's charging speed would be worth than the charging speed of those popular smartphones made by google, apple and samsung according to charging tests conducted by youtube tech reviewers.

Oppp company also said 125-watt technology can charge phone with 4000 mAh battery capacity in just 20 minutes, while in 5 minutes it's charging system can achieve 41%.

The technology should also be able to provide faster charging in a safest way, as Oppo says it's added 10 additional temperature sensors and says the system includes over-voltage protection measures and others.

Recently tests conducted by Phone Arena a tech blog, the Samsung Galaxy S20 took 1 hour & 6 mins to fully charged when using 25 watt charger while iPhone 11 Pro took 1 hour also & 42 mins to fully charged witth 18 watt charger.

However another test conducted by Matthee Moniz a youtuber that found out that iPhone 11 pro took 1 hour 35 mins before it reached 100% chaged.

Oppo company till now didn't announce a phone that will come with this new charging technology of fully charged in 20 minutes.

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But we are still in corner waiting for Oppo Company to announce a phone that will come with this new charging technology.


Other Oppo company's smartphone Reno Ace phone could charge to 100% in just 31 minutes after test conducted on it.

If you're fan of Oppo smartphones you can now try to biy Reno Ace phone in the market and enjoy 100% fully charged in 31 minutes.

Do You Want Buy Reno Ace SmartPhone?

Visit konga or jumia to buy it at affordable price.


Currently Oppo is the fifth smartphone maker in the world according to data research from Centerpoint Research and Gartner, Oppo is ranking behing Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung and Huawei.


If this new Oppo Phone that offer fully charge in 20 minutes become available to purchase we will post about it on our upcomong post.

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