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The Irony of this life

Life itself can be some so complicated and filled with many complexities.

Some are born with a Silver spoon but don't know the value of the spoon.They devalue it in misuse.

Some people are indolent,but crave to eat with a silver spoon.

Some were not born with a silver spoon but tarry not in their diligent search, digging and digging until they find a gem to make a silver spoon for themselves.

Life is loving. Despite all our imperfections;all the flaws;all the discrimination. It has never withheld the rain that drops from the sky. The sun that shine:the moon and the stars...It has never divided all these between the good and the bad;the rich and the poor;the blacks and the whites. Life has loved us unconditionally. Life has loved us equally.

Life and nature are inseparable.This fact is undisputable.It gives you what you don't ask for and takes what you have.

Life is a disciplinarian. It deals with us when we are wrong. Like a mother,it beats us with the right hand and comforts us with the left hand. It allows us make mistake so we can learn from it.

Life and challenge are better half. It comes with so many task.Only the determined win.

Life is like a seed. Everyone knows what the seed will sprout out to become but no one knows the numbers of branches or shape it will become.

Life hurts. Most times it turns out to be the opposite of what we wish for. Hope becomes false. Ambitious dreams become a nightmare. Failure become a competitor.

Life is caring. It gives us new hopes when we feel all hopes are gone.It gives new opportunities for us to strive.

Don't feel sour about life if you're not where u desire to be.Life has better plans for you that you may not know.

From this article,which category do you belong to? Me...."I strive!"🙏

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