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Dark Mode Opera News App And Other Apps For Android Users Solved

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Yesterday, me and my friend were awake all through the night reading and writing articles on opera news. My friend uses an iPhone XR while me I use a samsung a30s phone. I had a problem reading enough articles because of the white theme of the app that strain my eyes.

Looking at my friend he was very much owk reading without the white light because iPhone has a dark mode for opera news.

So yesterday I discovered a way to force dark mode on Apps which do not support it on android phone. Follow the simple procedure below.

1. Go to your phone's settings

2. Scroll down and click on about phone

3. Click on software information

4. Check for build number and click it 4 times. It would tell u developer mode activated

5. Now go back and click on developer options

6. Scroll down and enable force dark mode.

After performing those task come bck and check your apps. Facebook, opera news etc and you will see they are all on dark mode.

To deactivate follow the same process.

See screen shots below

Now I can write articles without any problem.

Comments are highly appreciated.

Content created and supplied by: Efanthewriter (via Opera News )

Dark Mode Opera News iPhone iPhone XR


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