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How To Send Mass Individually Customized Mails.


Alright guys. Let me teach you how to send mass individually customized mails without getting your account blocked by Google.

You can learn to simplify your outbounding work by sending mails easily. I've also realized that Google doesn't lock my account since I started using this method.

This is called mail merge. You can send multiple emails (800 mails in 24 hours according to Streak) with just a single click. And that's not all, the mails can be customized to show individually the name of the recipient, organization, etc.

You can even schedule the mails to send at a later date/time and since the mails are personalized, your end users get the mail delivered like it was address to them only. In addition, the mails are tracked so you can tell who read it and who didn't. 

Okay I see you are interested. So what do you need?

1. A gmail account that has the Streak app installed.

2. A PC (I'm not sure this can be done on mobile phones)

3. Your time (or you pay me if you're a lazy youth)


1. Create a document using Microsoft Excel. The Row headings just the way I do mine is NAME, COMPANY, & EMAIL ADDRESS. Now fill the columns with the corresponding headings. e.g. 

Crazeworld (Name), Crazeworld Consults (Company), [email protected] (email address).

Fill with as many end users that you have available. 

2. When you're done, save the file as "CSV comma delimited" (very important)

3. Now open gmail in your Chrome browser.

Click compose

In the recipient box, click on mail merge.

Click upload CSV. Locate your CSV file and hit enter.

The Streak app will automatically select the email addresses as the recipients. If you have 70 end users, it will show you that you have 70 mails to be sent.

4. Enter your preferred subject line as subject for the mails. Like someone suggested, I use my domain keywords as subject. KitchenPlumber/king will be Kitchen Plumber.

5. Copy and paste your sales letter in the message box. Edit to you satisfaction. (Bold, Italize, etc.) 


Hello Lala,

I have for sale. This is a good domain name for Nairaland Forum.

Now let's say the above is the sales letter you're using, it already has the variables I'd want to personalize for each end user. (Recipient name and company name like we have in our CSV file)

6. To personalize the mails

Highlight the "Lala"

Click on variables (you will see it close to the "send" button)

It will display the row headers you have in the CSV file (Name, Company, Email).

Select name. What this means is that "Lala" will automatically be replaced with the individual names for individual mails in the CSV file.

Highlight "Nairaland Forum" and repeat step 6 to replace company name.

When you're satisfied with everything you can hit "send" and watch as the messages get dispatched.

Content created and supplied by: Samuelodunayoidowu (via Opera News )

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