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'Wonder shall never end' - People react as a lady bought a phone online but found this inside

People really need to be careful when ordering for products on the internet so they would not be scammed by some dubious vendors who are selling bad products on the internet.

A Nigerian lady identified as Jane Zoe on twitter took to her twitter account to share the pictures of what she found inside the carton of the phone she ordered online. The Nigerian lady also shared her experience so others can avoid getting scammed.

The Nigerian lady revealed that she bought a supposedly new phone (Samsung S8) from an online vendor that she met on Instagram but unfortunately when she got the package, she saw a phone with a burnt screen, dirty earpiece region and a broken seal.

See the pictures of the phone she ordered below:

The Nigerian lady also added that when she tried to contact the vendor, the vendor blocked her on all the social media platforms.

In her words the Nigerian lady said "I got scammed by a store on Instagram on the 9th of July, I ordered for a Samsung S8 (a new one) only for them to send this. I tried turning it on, only to discover it has a burnt screen..."

See the screenshot below:

Many Nigerians pitied Jane Zoe and urged her to report to the appropriate authorities while others urged her to be grateful that the scammer even sent a phone. A Nigerian twitter user identified as Nifemi said "Wonder shall never end, how can you order for a new phone and the vendor would decide to give an old one at the same price."

See the reaction of Nigerians below:

Personally I would advise people to be very careful when they are ordering something from the internet and they should only order from a trusted vendor.

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