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Check Out These 5 Easy To Use Graphics Design Mobile Apps That Are My Favourite

Most people are not privileged to own a Laptop or Desktop computer to have the required Graphics design software to edit images or create beautiful designs. Most of these Computer based Software are not easy to use and are quite expensive to purchase, but I have good news for people that wish or prefer to use mobile phone for Designing. I have made a list of mobile design applications which I know you would like to try them out. 

Below are the Mobile Applications for Graphic Design.

The first on the list is;

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post has lots of well designed templates you can take advantage of as a professional designer. It's a good Application to make flyers & posters, ads, collages, invitations, with no payment.

It's easy to use; you do not really need any designing skill.

It has lots of futures like;

- Auto background remover, background eraser and quick make over that replaces background images with solid colors.

- Auto resize that can instantly resize your design to make it fit every social platform.

- And other futures like, Design filters, Magic text, Auto recolor, Text effects, Text cutouts, magic layouts, etc.

The above image is how Adobe Spark Post looks like on Google play store.

• Canva

You don't need to be a design expert to use Canva design application to create stunning posters and logos. This App makes design and video editing amazingly simple.

There are a lot of things to create with this application which includes; All kinds of banner, book covers, evites for any event, and more. You can also use it for picture and video editing.

• Pixel Lab

Pixel Lab is an easy to use offline app. It enables you add 3D & stylish text, stickers and as also drawing on your picture.

Its features include; Text font, Text color, Text effects, Import images, 3D rotation, image effects, and more.

• Background Eraser

Background Eraser mobile app works according to its name. It is used for cutting pictures and making a pictures background transparent. And it is very easy to use. It is used with other apps that have no background eraser to edit pictures and create amazing designs.

• 3D Logo Maker

3D Logo Maker is a user-friendly editor. It has tons of colors, 3D arts, background and Textures. Primarily it is used to create 3D Logos but it can be use to design other types of logo, flyers and posters.

Some of the features include; 3D rotation, 100+ backgrounds, Textures & overlays, Colors, Filters, Typography Fonts and Transparent background.

All the Apps are available on "Google play store" for android users while users with iOS device (iPhone) can check the Apps on "Apple App Store"....Thank you!

Content created and supplied by: U.I.G (via Opera News )

Adobe Spark Post Desktop Laptop


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