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Ifa Divination and Computer Science

Ifa Divination system is a set of Divination acts done by professional that has been granted authority (babalawo) to create and make use of rules to communicate with the gods to solve people's. It is mostly carried out in the yourba community. Most people doubt the authenticity of this system and are not even aware of it's similarities with computer science.

Origin of Ifa Divination

Yourba gods of Western Nigeria once existed as humans and had their way of communicating before their disappearance, they left people a means to communicate with them in the outer realm.

Over 12,000 years ago, yourba people developed Ifa Oracle Divination based on the square of 16=16×16=26=2^8 corresponding to the vertices of an 8-dimensional hypercube and to the binary 2-choice Clifford c1(8) and so to related ones such as c1(8)×c1(8)=c1(16) since the number of subhypercubes in an 8-dimensional hypercube is 6,561=81×81=3^8, the Ifa Oracle has N=8 ternary 3-structure as well as binary 2-structure.

The processes used in Ifa Divination and the Divination system bear some similarities with computer science. Also computer science takes it origin from Ifa Divination.

Orumila in order to make access to the Divine message (Ifa) easy, devised the computer compatible binary coding system thousands of years before the emergence of computer consciousness in so called modern man! So Ifa is preserved in binary coded format and output parade-format.

Ifa is coded within 256 odus or corpus within each of the 256 odus there are 1,680 sacred verses all presented in parable-Format. The body of Ifa consists of 430,080 messages for mankind.

Process of Ifa Divination

Items used are group of sixteen nut (ikin), opele (sacred chain), dust from irosun tree (iyerosun), Divination tray (opon Ifa), ajere Ifa (seed vessel).

1. Ifa Dida

2. Odu Revelation

3. Prescription of Advice

Flow Chart

A flow chart showing the basic steps taken in Ifa Divination.

Use Case Diagram

1. A case digram showing the basic steps taken by the babalawo in Ifa Divination.

2. A used case digram showing the basic steps taken by a client in Ifa Divination.

The Opele and Digital System s

The Opele is a divining chain consisting of two arms made of 8 beads on both the left side and the right side.

In computer since a byte consists of eight bit and nibble represents four bits. Thus four beads on one side of a opele can be likened to a nibble and eight nuts, is a byte in computer science.

Ifa Divination system as an expert system

In Ifa, Divination the entire Ifa Divination system is like an expert system used to sovle client complex problem, just like a computer or a computer program needs an operator to function, the Ifa Divination system also need an operator (the Ifa priest).

The odu Ifa represent the inferece engine while the eses (poems) represent the knowledge bus. Ifa Divination has been treated as an obsolete practice, it's relevance to technological advancement is indeed immense.

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