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Check out the kind of life we would live after this pandemic

2020 was going to be a year of fulfillment, anticipation, blessings to most people of the world, in their thought it was going to be the best year they have ever experienced in their lives, being a twin year much was expected from it, like a new dawn year. But to our surprise on the very first month of the year, it was reported that there was a novel virus that is capable of killing and even wiping off the human race considering it transmission process and the amount of people it would kill if care is not taken. It was first reported in China were it was first discovered. Already this virus had killed thousands of people.

Few weeks later it was declared by the WHO as a pandemic and that each continent would definitely have its share with the virus. Though here in Africa it didn't show up early but came in eventually, but until now it hasn't killed people as much as other continent would have expected.

It is however evident that this virus is not going to be leaving us soon at least for 2 years from now we might still be battling from this virus. So countries must now start looking for a way to savage the suitation of economy and other sector of the country. They need to make sure that their citizens won't be lacking of anything during this period. Though we have seen countries relaxing the lockdown but they need to do more in putting in place strategies that would enable their citizens not to feel the impact of the pandemic.

Even the vaccine we are all anticipating won't come immediately and won't be available to everyone immediately so we still have a long way to go, which means we need to know how to live with this virus. Education of the people can't also be tampered with, the development of the citizens of a country is paramount and important for the development of a nation.

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