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The Internet Controller

  It's appalling how people run their lives from the way the internet permits it to be these days. We claim to be of the 21st century, being able to do what ever we like but we are still held back by those things we claim are the past like people controlling how you think. "People" not "the internet". There are these saying, "the internet caused it", "the internet spread the fake news" forgetting how the original news was actually spread. This same internet was meant to make our lives easier, to sharpen our ideologies by learning, appreciating others point of view.

 You are the internet. These websites, apps do not control themselves, they are being operated by humans or I don't know if aliens operate them. You don't just find news on them with no permission from the user even a robot has a commander. I want to believe most of these sites are "user friendly". Whatever comes and goes on the internet is dependent on the user, who I want to call "the controller". It's high time we took responsibilities of how we choose to use this internet. Verify your information before posting it. Decide today to make good use of the internet. Stop putting blame on the sites, " internet" but on you and I "the internet controller". We created these things, use them, let's make them better.

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