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See the Latest In-demand Skills that will make you financially stable forever.(UPDATED)

My heart bleeds when I see our esteemed and creative youths going from place to place looking for jobs that are not even there in the first place.

Gone are those days when graduates were regarded as hot cakes and precious jewells in the society. I remember vividly how companies and organizations back then will rush to pick fresh graduates from the University to tap into their wealth of knowledge.

Presently Nigeria churns out not less than 300,000 graduates from different tertiary institutions across the country and the number of jobs is inconsequential to accommodate these teeming number of graduates. Infact getting a job in Nigeria especially a federal government job is like winning an American lottery because of nepotism, favouritism, tribalism, cronyism and a host of other hindrances.

Presently we are in a digital age where focus or emphasis is no longer on paper qualifications but on Skills acquisition. We are living in the computer age where everything is computerised and digitalised.

A friend of mine travelled to Los Angeles USA recently and was amazed how things has changed rapidly over there. He was amazed to see the level of digitalization that has transformed the country. For once in his life his Bsc certificate was useless and the only thing he needed to survive was a highly sought skill needed by companies and organisations.

Companies in the western world employs you based on what skills you have to offer to the growth of the company aside your qualifications.

Without wasting much of our time, here are ten in demand skills trending in the world presently. If you are able to learn any of these skills, I bet you that jobs will be the one looking for you.

1. Blockchain

It may suprise you that many of our so called graduates don't know what the term blockchain means.

Blockchain was birthed in 2008 to enhance and support the use crypto currency. Blockchain is used to secure data, programs,and digital assets. Blockchain is also mostly used to store, authorize ,validate and move data across the internet.

Companies all over the world is in dire need of professionals who have this skills to protect and secure their database. If you are able to learn blockchain, you are definitely on your way to financial freedom.

2. Cloud computing

Cloud computing simply means storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer hard drive. As we all know most companies are built and run on the internet and they need professionals in the game who specializes in the delivery of computer services, servers, databases, software, intelligence and analysis over the internet. This is great skill that promises great returns.

3. Analytical Reasoning

Many organizations want professionals who possess this skill since data has become the bedrock and foundation of every business organizations. Analytical Reasoning refers to the ability to look at information be it in qualitative or quantitative in nature and be able to produce insights to make the best decisions.

4. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) also means machine intelligence is a branch in computer science that equips computer software with the ability to think and reason like humans. These abilities include speech recognition, problem solving, planning and learning etc.

You won't regret it if you can learn and harness the techniques and power of AI machines because you are the one companies are looking for to assist and help them to deliver more personalized and relevant services.

5. UX Design

This one is a hot cake in the digital world. UX simply refers to the process of designing digital and physical products that are easy to use, useful and convenient to interact with. Many companies and organizations are seriously looking for professionals who can design their products for them. If you are good with designing, then UX Design is a great pick for you to be financially stable.

6. Business Analysis

Banks, companies, organizations, agencies are always looking for professional business analysts to provide solutions to certain business problems and needs. Organizations need professionals who can identify possible solutions to business issues.

Analysts in financial institution earns a very lucrative salary which makes up for the time and energy to analyse business needs and problems. Why not consider taking a course in Business Analysis today and smile tomorrow.

7. Affiliate Marketing

This simply refers to a process whereby an online marketer or retailer pays commission to an external website for sales generated from it's referrals.

With the gradual decline of traditional advertising and rise of social media, affiliate marketing is rapidly making waves making it a must have skill. Most companies market and sells their products online through external website with the aim or Target to a particular audience.

8. Sales

This is no suprise to anyone because most companies need great sales people who can effectively manage a sales team, understand the sales pattern and ability to sell to the highest level of business.

Sales plays a vital role of trust, confidence and loyalty between customers and business, hence companies are in dire need of professionals who can maintain customer relationship and increase sales.

9. Scientific Computing

Scientific Computing is a branch of applied computer science and mathematics that is growing rapidly in the business world. It makes use of advanced computing capabilities to decipher, understand and solve complex issues and problems.

Companies need professionals in this field that can develop statistical and analytical approaches using programs like MATLAB, python etc.

10. Video production

This skill is very important for you to learn as more people have insatiable and unquenchable appetite for video content. No wonder video production continue to thrives and a top priority for companies who wants to showcase and promote their products and services in a unique and stylish way.

In summary having a job is good but learning a skill makes you work independently and gives you a certain level of freedom.

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God bless you all.

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