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You can be a great scientist also by doing more than the past heros.

People of different races and languages live all over the world. The inventions of great scientist, engineers and inventors have made human life on Earth easier and comfortable. Study the following list of inventors, discovers and founders very carefully. Note the achievement of each person and state how it is useful to all mankind. You should imagine how your life on earth would be without the hard work of the great science and technology inventions. 

Mr. Michael Faraday - Electric transformer

Mr. Willis Carries - Air conditioners

Mr. Alexander G. Bell - Telephone

Mr. Carl Benz - Motor car

Mr. Marchese Marcom - Radio

Mr. David Edward - Microphone

Mr. Njoko Obi - Vaccine against Cholera

Sir. Isaac Newton - The law of gravity

Brothers and Sisters beat your chest and change the world. You might say how can I change the world? I am poor or small or a Nigerian. Most of the above scientist were also in that condition. Some are school drop out. Most of us have the privilege more than they do. Why not make the world a better place?

You can put a trial and you will succeed.

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