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How to manage your blog and have great experience with huge income.

A lot of people out there are desperate on what do do in life and some are there saying that there is no work but the most painful aspect of the whole issue is that majority who have got a work do not actually know how to manage what they have got. I want to give you few tips on how to have a great experience through blogging and they includes:

BLOG POSTS🤔 It takes a lot of work to create a blog post. Getting people to read and interact with your article takes even more work. Yet many bloggers neglect one simple tip that can increase their readers and even help their blog posts go viral: And that is, creating custom images for your blog posts! But why bother spending time creating custom images for each of your blog posts, anyways, before you create a custom image you have to:

[email protected] THE PURPOSE OF THE IMAGE:

Don’t create an image just for the sake of making your blog post look pretty. Instead, determine the purpose of the image first. What do you need to achieve.

For example, are you looking to make conversions out of your landing pages? Or are you looking for ways to make a complex topic into a more user-friendly one? Answering these questions will help you direct the design of your images.

[email protected] USE THE RIGHT VISUALS:

What kind of visuals work best with your brand and blog? Should you use photos, illustrations or textures? Each type delivers a message in a unique way. For example, photos are a great option when you want to make an emotional connection while illustrations do a great job of adding humor to your blog post.


Adding text to your images is a great way to enhance the clarity of your message as well as improve reader experience. It is also a great way to encourage shares on platforms like Pinterest. However, when adding text to images, you must ensure you use the right font and font size.


Creating a unique custom image involves combining a few different elements together. This is why design software and tools like PlaceIt are a fantastic option because they are easy to use, they usually offer affordable plans, and they offer a great variety of options for your images


As good as it sounds, pictures do speak a thousand words. Using custom images in your blog posts helps you convey your message much clearer. And especially if you cater to an international audience, you can use your images to cut across language and cultural barriers, thereby making your message more universal. Not only blog posts, but an image can also grab the attention in any form of marketing⁠: print, social, email⁠, take a pick! Meaning merely building an email list won’t get you desired results. You will need to take care of every little thing; in this case, a proper, message-conveying, attention-grabbing custom image.

[email protected] BUILD YOUR BRAND:

Whether you’re in it for the money or just for fun, you still need to create a brand for your blog. And custom images are a great way of doing just that. While you can get away with using stock images, you run the risk of being identified as “just another blog”.

Using custom images, on the other hand, helps your blog posts stand out from other blogs in your niche. This is important as it builds for you a tribe of followers who will help you run a successful blog. They are also great for helping you come up with t-shirt printing ideas to help promote your brand or blog.


By creating such images, it boosts your ideas because, people love images, and people love sharing unique images, especially when you optimize them for social media. This is why custom images are great for helping your blog posts.

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Content created and supplied by: Chukwukadibiameshach (via Opera News )



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