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Reason why pirates do wear patches when operating

Photo Credit: Grunge

Most of us would have seen people wearing eye patches in movies or real life and due to that, we might ask ourselves the reason why they put on the eye patches. The fact that we do see people putting on eye patches especially pirates doesn't mean they have a missing eye or they are unable to see.

Reason why pirates do wear eye patches...

When sea pirates are about to operate on the water and as we all know, they mostly attack ships and other big vessels, they frequently move above and below decks, from daylight to near darkness. However, while doing this, human eyes might not be able to adapt quickly with darkness, as they would need to put on light before they will be able to see.

When pirates go below deck (darkness) in a ship, they easily switch the patch they are using to cover their eyes from the outdoor eye (the initially opened one) to the indoor one (the one that was closed) so that it will enable them see clearly in darkness easily, to potentially enable them to fight well while boarding and plundering vessels.

According to study, human eyes do adapt quickly when going from darkness to light, but, it can take up to 25 minutes for eyes to adapt when going from intense light into darkness, as it requires the regeneration of photo pigments before they can see.

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