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If you are a Graduate and Have No Job Yet, These 3 Tips May Help Increase Your Chances

There are many graduates out there who are looking for what to do to keep them engaged or even have some little little things coming in as income every week or month.

But the sad truth is that, there are not so many opportunities out there for as many graduates that are available. So what do you do to keep your hand and mind busy and productive and maybe start earning some.

Here are 5 simple tips that may be of help

1. Learn a handiwork:

With this you can use your education and exposure to gain an advantage that will profit you faster. You will meet more people and build a better network, thereby increasing you opportunities for bigger things.

2. learn a Life skill:

While you wait for the big things, learn life skills like First aid, driving, swimming and more. These can come in very handy anytime anyway both for personal good and shared good. You will be glad you did.

3. Invest in a laptop and good phone:

You will be able to do more if you have these and access more opportunities. You can learn online skills faster and bring more to the table where opportunities show up. A laptop is a good investment in yourself and possibilities abound.

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