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Warning: Latest 2 Evil Phone Applications You Should Be Aware Of. No 1 is Used To Steal Your Money.

Don't believe everything you see on social media. Before you continue reading,make sure to share to create awareness to the public.This is one of the latest app making rounds on social media. They are Whatsmoc and Credit alert app. 

The creators of such applications may have created it for the sole purpose of fun but people will always create something bad out of something good. Every technology has its advantages and disadvantages. 

The disadvantage of this app is it can be used to deceive people by creating fake chat and fake bank alert.The names of this app are Whatsmoc and Fake Credit alert.

Whatsmoc: People use it as proof of conversation. These proof of conversation may be aimed at placing false evidence on a person. Just like WhatsApp, it has every features needed to make a conversation look real. 

It is made in such a way that you can adjust time,change the senders status and add his or pictures. You can adjust the date, add your wallpaper with your picture attached to it to make look more convincing and real.

Indeed,this is one of the most deceptive app of all time. Some people have been accused wrongly with such false evidence.

The Whatsmoc App.

The Credit alert app: Just like the Whatsmoc, has all features enabled to make bank alerts look convincing. Business owners especially on social media ie Instagram,Snapchat,use this app to deceive the public on false testimonials. Scammers also use this to deceive their prey.

Now that this app has revealed,be guided and do everything with caution. 

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