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See the strange tweet Apple made that caused people to react with unease

Well-known tech giant, Apple, recently made a tweet on Twitter which got people reacting uneasily. The tweet stated that people should send bitcoin to a particular address, and they would receive double the amount.

However, upon seeing such an offer, it is clear that this is a red flag. Usually, bitcoin doesn't double in amount in a very short time.

Suspicions are that some 'hackers' may have found a way to get control of the Twitter accounts of certain corporations, and use them for fraudulent activities.

But this seemingly has not been officially addressed.

In any case, steer clear of any offers that sound too good to be true, even if it comes from a 'reliable' source. Scams are everywhere nowadays.

People made several comments under this tweet, some sarcastic, others warning people not to fall for the scam.

See the tweet here.

Check out some comments under the tweet:

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