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Biggest Twitter hack of all time? Apparent Twitter hack takes over account of high profile people.

It appears an Admin's account on Twitter has been hacked hours ago resulting in the hackers to simultaneously gain access to high profile accounts without the need for their password.

The accounts hacked so far are:

Jeff Bezos

Kanye west

Barack Obama



Bill Gates

Elon Musk

Michael Bloomberg and others.

I think there might still be more. Over 5,314 people have fallen victims to these hacks. The hacker uses these victim's accounts to tweet on doubling Bitcoin to users.

MalwareTech tweeted saying the hackers are putting back tweets as soon as the account owners delete them and that they made up to $103,000 in almost two hours.

A Twitter user made a tweet saying recovery emails had also changed asking whether it's for everyone or just the Big shots that it affected. Below are some screenshots of the tweets the hackers made from the victim's accounts.


I don't think I blame the people that have fallen victims to this and lost their money. I mean who won't believe tweets coming here these big shots. I hope security measures are taken to stop all these.

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