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Effects Of Using Your Phone While Charging

Almost everyone has used their phone while it was still plugged in. The most cliche reason for doing this; is that we can't afford to see out battery low, yet we still want use our phone.

In this article we would look at the possible side effects of using our phones while charging.

Effects of Using Your Phone while Charging it:

1. Slow Charging

Direct current flows to a phone and charges it faster when we are not using it. But when in use, this current is diverted to other operations and this results in slow charging.

2. Heating up

Charging and using our phones increase the heat generated by the device, and this could in turn cause damage to our cell phones.

3. Possibility of Cable Damage

I'm sure you must have noticed that your charging cable doesn't last, the moment you use and charge your phone at the same time. And this is due to the twisting and bending movements that occur while trying to charge and use at the same time. 

Safety concerns

Apart from damage to your phone, charging and using poses a hazard to you as well.

1. Electrocution

You should never use your phone while charging, especially when there is a liquid nearby or with a wet hand. Prevention they say is better than cure.

2. Brain Damage

When charging and using your phone, make sure it is far away from your head. These phones emit harmful radiation, especially when browsing the internet or receiving a call.

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