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See where technology is taking us to- have you ever heard of SMART TATTOO?

Have you ever heard of smart tattoo? You have being hearing about fashion tattoo that most people wear all over their body right? But smart tattoo are totally different. Where is technology taking us to?


Smart Tattoos is an evolving project at Microsoft Research which builds on the idea of allowing people more control over their technology. Started years back at Microsoft Research; this project was targeted at creating a DIY fabrication system for enabling people to make their own wearable electronic circuitry.

Tattoo that put on your TV set, tattoo that put on your AC(Air Conditional), tattoo that start your car, tattoo that open your garage, tattoo that play your favourite music, tattoo that change your television channels.

     Let have full view of this smart tattoo, smart tattoo can turn your skin into a touch pad; they become part of your skin. The tattoos can turn into an interface that can be used, for example, as a track pad or a button to remotely control your phone that is cool, for example. You drop your phone somewhere and just press your tattoo on your skin to make and receive calls. The tattoos can show you your body temperature. Second possible function is wireless communication. The tattoo could include an NFC (near field communications) tag, an electrical component that includes small microchips to store data that can be read by phones or other NFC devices nearby. In the near future, the technology could serve as a substitute for identification, subway cards, and even movie tickets.

 While smart tattoos could unlock a variety of new ways to interact with our technology, they also raise concerns about privacy. You don't need to wear Wearable Monitoring Devices anymore where you smart tattoo Current wearable monitoring devices simply do not integrate well with the body. One concern is a short battery life thus the need for wireless connectivity. With smart tattoos, there are almost zero issues with simple, color-based bio sensitive tattoo ink.


In theory, the process is simple. First, you sketch the circuitry with graphic design software. Then, you have to create stencils of the circuitry by applying a layer of vinyl film on thin temporary tattoo paper and cut it with an electronic cutter. After that, you layer the conductive gold leaf on top with spray adhesives. The next step is mounting the electronics. The Duo Skin device is planted on the user’s skin like a regular temporary tattoo through water-transfer: apply the tattoo to your skin, press down with a damp cloth, peel off the backing paper, and then remove it, leaving the tattoo behind.

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