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These Fascinating Technologies will be out in the year 2030.

When we think about the year 2030,it often looks like ages but its a space of ten years from now and we often imagine it a completely different world. Through the tech advancement,fast and rapid growth rate of civilization, including scientific predictions and alongside the presence of AI (artificial intelligence), we already have a clue and glimpse of what the unknown future will definitely be like.

Science has proven that the world can never evolve appropriately without the presence of technology, many predictions or rather research has shown and viewed how advanced the year 2030 will operate with a futuristic views of tech that will run the day as of the future.

# Elderly pedestrians could use their licences to get more time to cross roads.

# The new electric socket of the future

# A shower with a hole in the door that could let you regulate temperatures without wetting your hands.

# A university library that would have a treadmill and computer on it that will allow students to train and study at the same time.

# A solar panel table with USB ports in high schools that will allow students to charge their devices.

# A ball of honey that can be placed right inside a cup of tea.

# Scientists will produce plastics that can decompose under environmental conditions for a space of 1 to 3 years.

# A future 4 storey building that can take only a night to erect.

# A hammer with automatic nails

# A battery that can be charged with a USB connector

# Special removable horseshoe that will protect the joints of the animal and replace the steel ones.

# A four wheel electric bike that will be designed to allow people ride around in any weather

# Edible water blobs ( plastic water bottles won't be necessary in the future)

# Carpet alarm clocks

# Pod taxis

# invisibility cloaks

These technologies are expected to be a reality in the nearest future.

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