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Your Employer Is Abusing You If He Shows These Signs.


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In this series, I will discuss signs that proof or draws a red line in your relationship both sexual relationships, mother-child relationships, employer-employee relationships and otherwise.

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Who is an Emotional Manipulator;

Emotional manipulators often use mind games to seize power in a relationship.

The ultimate goal is to use that power to control the other person.

A healthy relationship comprises of trust, understanding, and mutual respect, but sometimes people exploit these attributes for selfish benefits.

The signs of emotional manipulation can be indirect. They are often hard to identify, especially when they are happening to you.

I guess you clicked this article because you are currently in a relationship or aspiring one. If you are currently in one and you clicked this article that is the first sign to break up now!

Other signs that may slip your observation are as follows;

They engage in intellectual bullying;

If someone overwhelms you with statistics, jargon, or facts when you ask a question, you may be experiencing a type of emotional manipulation.

Some manipulators presume to be the expert, and they impose their “knowledge” on you. This is particularly common in employer-employee relationships.

For example:

“You’re new to this, so I wouldn’t expect you to understand.”

“I know these are a lot of information for you, so I’ll go through this again slowly."

They engage in bureaucratic bullying;

Also, in the business settings, emotional manipulators may try to weigh you down with paperwork, hectic schedules, unnecessary procedures or anything that can get you off balance and drained.

For example:

Your boss extends your work time without heads up and does not include a raise in your salary.

Most times, he might do this to you in particular because perhaps he had tried to move to you on an unprofessional level and you declined.

Do you hate it when bosses make such moves?

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They make you feel sorry for voicing concern;

If you ask questions or make a suggestion, an emotional manipulator will likely respond aggressively or try to draw you into an argument.

This strategy allows them to control your choices and influence your decisions.

They may also use the situation to make you feel guilty for expressing your concerns in the first place.

For example:


You tell your boss about an observation that does not sit well with you morally or according to the company's policy. A manipulative boss might say;

“I don’t understand why you don’t just trust me. I am your boss do as I say.”

You scoffed, right?

I know that feeling, bosses can be 'bossy', especially an emotionally manipulative one.

Join us tomorrow on another intriguing episode of emotional manipulation.

I am a guru at emotional manipulation, and I am willing to teach people out there under this emotional manipulation and how to spot it.

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