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Did you know, you can browse daily for free?

Do you run out of data frequently? and you want to read an article urgently or check scores of a match, or better still, you as a punter want to urgently place some match on the go for cash. Rejoice as you read through, and I will show you how I've been surviving without money to buy data, but I'm never missing out the fun on the latest entertainment news or political news, and what have you.

  You may be wondering what cheat am I using, oh! I pray it works on my phone..Lol keep calm, what I'm doing is legit and legal. You don't have to root your phone or use any vpn to access this daily joy of subbing your way through without a data bundle.

All you need is the latest version of Opera mini web browser, and an MTN or AIRTEL sim card... Yes just that and you good to go.


Yes it's delightful to know that Opera partnered up with MTN and Airtel in Nigeria to give you more free browsing with Opera Mini and Opera News.

If you are using the MTN or Airtel network just like me, and you have the latest version of Opera Mini and Opera News installed on your mobile phone, you are all set to start browsing for free – up to 50MB everyday!... Yes everyday 


Browse for free with the #1 news app in Nigeria 

The free browsing campaign also includes the Opera News. This means that if you use Opera News, you will be able to use up to 50MB of free browsing everyday and read the latest stories on your phone for free. 

  Haven’t heard of Opera News yet? Opera News is the stand-alone news application that serves you top news, trendy online videos and a daily updated content stream from over forty different categories, including football, entertainment, politics, and lifestyles. 

A data-saving machine

As you might know, Opera Mini is a fast and lightweight browser. It includes unique features that stand out from other mobile browsers such as: offline file sharing, ad blocker, and its popular data compression technology. 

Opera recently performed a data compression test to check out how much data you can save with Opera Mini in comparison to other browsers. They did this by measuring the data consumption in the Opera Mini browser when visiting the twenty most popular websites in Nigeria under various network conditions. 

The data compression test showed that Opera Mini is capable of reducing some web page sizes to the extent that you can save up to 90% of your mobile data... Yes 90% The tests also showed that some browser's data savings was only functioning on very slow Edge networks, and only provided an average savings of 9%. This means that when you use the data compression technology of Opera Mini in Extreme mode, you will be able to browse nine times longer than with other browsers which don’t have data-saving capabilities.

Having known this information, start enjoying like me daily with Opera mini; check scores, know what's trending, and also amazingly, you can also open the bet9ja site all thanks to Opera mini.

Remember all you need is either an MTN or Airtel Sim, an updated version of Opera mini which you can get from play store or a friend using xender share app, install the app and start subbing your way with what moves you.

 Please like share and comment if love Opera. Thanks.

Content created and supplied by: Atrillion (via Opera News )

AIRTEL Lol Opera


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