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Benefits of Android That iPhone Users Can Only Dream Of

In today's smartphone industry, there are mainly 2 competitors: the android OS and iOS which are the operating systems powering Android phones and iPhones respectively. You're probably reading this article with an android phone. Androids are so popular and much more commonly used than the iPhone and that isn't for no reason. 

Apart from iPhones being overpriced gadgets (Let's be honest, they really are when compared to android phones of similar specifications), there's a host of benefits that android users enjoy that iPhone users can only dream of. 

First off, flexibility. This can't be overemphasized. Android OS and devices give the user far more flexibility than the iPhone does. You can change a whole lot of things, both functions and aesthetics, to customize your handheld to your taste. The iPhone doesn't even come close, merely allowing you to change your homescreen's wallpaper for aesthetics and being so strict with settings and files. Androids come in a variety of brands with a host of stylish models as well.

Also, the android community enjoys a far greater variety of apps than the iOS community. There are far more android app developers than iPhone apps and the number keeps increasing. A very good example is the number of homescreen apps for android which enable you to literally design your homescreen yourself. On iPhone the homescreen can't be played around with. 

This said, iPhones may be desirable to a lot of people due to it's simplicity and security. Some folks also feel that it's prestigious or "rich" to own an iPhone, probably due to their high prices.

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