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Photos Of Things You Never Knew Your Phone Could Do

Our cell phones are valuable assets for us if only we know what we want to do and do it well. We could do more than just calls, texts, playing games and using the internet.

I am a photographer with no equipments to set up a place of my own ever since i finished learning with my teacher. I got a Phone which I initially wanted to use for the normal and usual things we do like, texting, calling, etc.

I discovered none of these brought money to me and it was upsetting me because I needed money to take care of little bills during this lockdown. I started taking photos and editing them with my phone and for the first time in a long while I started making money. Here are some photos of images I have taken and I got paid for.

I started posting the images on social media which drew the traffic I wanted to my direct message. Now I can boast of a good business running with just a cell phone as the major asset.

Content created and supplied by: MrJaey (via Opera News )


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