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Steps to make a screenshot on a computer

Good day, welcome to my page, this article will teach you how to make screenshots on a computer (either a Laptop, a Desktop or a Palmtop).

Unlike a mobile device whereby one have to hold down the volume key and the power-button, although some mobile devices requires you to just drag down the notification screen to easily make screenshots, while some phones requires you dragging the some fingers across the screen,

Well, the case is different when dealing a computer. To make a screenshot a computer is as easy as making a screenshot on a mobile device.

It requires no special application, as the tool for the screenshot comes with the computer. Simply follow the following steps to make screenshots easily on the system.

Steps to make screenshots easily on a computer

1. Go to the search panel on the task bar. Input 'Snipping tool'. Snipping tool is an application that comes with the system while installing. It has a scissor like Icon.

That is the Icon for the application as shown above.

2. Open the application, but then it will pop up another screen as seen below.

3. Click on 'New' to make a new Screenshot, or alternatively you can press a short cut of Control N (Ctrl + N) to make a new screen shot.

4. Drag the + signal to cover all areas you wish to screen shot.

5. Then press 'save' in the task bar, or alternatively you can press Control S (Ctrl + S).

You see it is as simple as ABC. It is advisable to create a short cut for the snipping tool, so as to save the stress of searching for the tool every time it is needed.

Note: all screenshots taken will be saved as pictures, as you can access it via pictures folder on the computer. you can also control where exactly you want it to be saved on the computer.

Pictures saved via screenshots can be used in any other applications like Microsoft word, excel etc. it can also be used in articles online. It can also be used for lectures and other online activities.

Check out few samples of Screenshots made on my Personal Computer today;

I hope this article is educative to you.

Content created and supplied by: Mrkayjosh (via Opera News )

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