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See the beautiful and good old days that technology has stop for the younger generation

Technology has been a major breakthrough in the world at large. It has been a lot of help to everyone. There are a lot of technology device. Some of which as affected the lifestyle of this generation. Although, technology has some advantages, it also has some disadvantages. Technology has stopped some physical activities which improve the developments of the young ones. Gone are the days when the children and the young ones would gather around bring out their physical performances to enlighten the younger ones around them. Here are the list of some things technology has stopped.

Social gatherings by young ones

This is very painful. If you are above eighteen, you would remember the good old days when you and your friends would decide to go out especially the guys. This present generation does not have the privilege to do so. Thanks to the advent of football. If not for football, social gathering which involves play would be eradicated completely. This has reduce the togetherness and the ability of cooperation in the younger generations. Nowadays, you see the young with phones and other electronic gadget which has exposed them to other vices which would not be expatiated.

Reduction in the creativity of younger ones

To begin with, creativity does not just jump start into some work force. It takes time, concentration and thinking power to jump start creativity. You would hardly find children that spend their time thinking on solving a problem instead you find them with electronic gadget which they spend most of their time with. This has reduced the rate of creativity with craft. Gone are the days, when the young try to create crafts with things like sand, bathroom slippers, floaters, rotors and other useful materials.

Meditation on nature and reading books

No matter how you love to read if you have a phone to play with there would surely be a reduction in your rate of reading. Although, that has not stopped reading in some but has reduced reading for all.

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