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OPay: How To Transfer Money From OPay Account To Bank Account.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, in this article I will like to share another hint to you, this is very important for you to know. There are alot of people that don't know how to transfer money from Opay account to bank account. It is very easy you can do it with your smart phone without going to any Opay agent.

OPay is application for payment and transaction of money developed by Opay software, You can download Opay app on your smart phone, if you're using android you can download it via play store and if iPhone you can download it via App store. OPay app is easy and fast.

Below are the procedure

# step 1

Enter the Opay app and put your 6 digit pin.

# step 2

When it opens, at the top of the screen you will see an icon (transfer) then you click on it. As it is shown above.

It will show you something like this

Then you click (Transfer to bank )

# step 3

After it opens then fill it, you'll first select your bank Then you enter your account number, then write the amount you want to transfer, Then You press DONE.

# step 4

After press DONE it will take you to where you will enter your PIN that pin is your ATM card pin and it is four digit after that you are Done.

They will show you that the transaction is successful.

Bank will send you a message that your account is been credited .

That is all as simple as it is.

You can use Opay for the following services.

# Buy Data

# Buy Airtime

# Betting

# Send money

# Check balance

And many more, You can also use their code if you don't have smart phone, by dialling *955#

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If you have any questions concerning this App kindly drop your question below for answer .

Content created and supplied by: Ahmad_muax (via Opera News )

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