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NCC Warns: The Newly Discovered Android Phone Virus That Is Used by Fraudsters to Hack Bank Details

Different strategies are adopted by fraudsters to financially exploit vulnerable Nigerians daily. Several reports of bank accounts being hacked have been made. The strategies adopted by these fraudsters usually involve impersonating banks representatives, however, as people are aware of these tricks, other avenues have been adopted. As reported by the NCC, a new android phone virus and malware, with the name Flubot, has been released by fraudsters.

According to the NCC, this virus is released to access bank details and other confidential information of people, who out of ignorance, install the malware on their devices. This warning was contained in a press statement by the commission titled, ‘NCC alerts telecom consumers on Flubot Malware… Lists measures to guard against attack.”

The Flubot malware is reported to exist in the form of android mobile banking applications which upon installation of such application, fraudsters who develop the application will have access to credit card details and online banking details stored in the device.

How can the Flubot malware be identified? NCC reveals that the ‘’virus is circulated as Short Message Service and can snoop “on incoming notifications, initiate calls, read or write SMSes, and transmit the victim’s contact list to its control centre.” Also, the malware can impersonate “FedEx, DHL, Correos, and Chrome applications” and compels unsuspecting users to alter the accessibility configurations on their devices to maintain a continuous presence on devices.”

Following these developments, the NCC has warned all Nigerians to take the following measures to guard against the Flubot Malware:

Avoid clicking on links on suspicious SMS as well as installing any security update

Ensure the antivirus on your android device is updated

Use strong passwords and enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) over logins

If such malware has been installed, instantly do a factory reset to delete personal details on the device

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Flubot NCC NCC Warns Nigerians


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