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Four key tips on how to be facebook famous and start getting 1k+ likes on each post

facebook is the biggest social media platform on earth with over 2 billion active users. It has in many ways made human life better. It provides unique marketing opportunity to individuals and companies through Facebook business groups and pages. It has made communication between individuals alot easier by allowing friends, families, relatives and colleagues to connect with each other on a one on one basis or via group chat.

Its not new that most marriages started from Facebook. Its a platform that allows us to meet new people daily and get to know them better by following their activities on their timeline...from their pictures to their posts and all that.

Some people are so famous on Facebook that they get so much likes on each pictures and status the post, whether beautiful, meaningful or not...and you're left wondering how they manage to generator so much likes.

Well the goods is that, we have gathered information and tips on how you can improve and start getting 1k+ likes on every of your post. 1). You need to increase your friends list: You can't be having 100 friends and expect to be getting 1k+ liked on your pictures. More friends more likes. You need to increase your friends list from 100 to 3 to 5k. That way it will be easier for you to get huge amount of likes when you post.

2). Go public: Go to your setting and change your privacy status to public. This will increase the number of users that will be seeing your updates on their news feeds.

3). Tag people: One of that ways you can get many likes on your post is by tagging friends especially those famous ones. Tagging get your friends together with their friends to like that particular post. Imagine you tag 50 friends that have 3k+ friends each to you know what that means?4). Lastly, you need to start liking other people's pictures and status so that when you post they will equally react to yours. Life is give and take.

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