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Someone Could Steal Your Information While You're Browsing. Do This To Be Safe

When browsing, you must have noticed that websites begin with "https" or "http"...maybe you never noticed the present "s" and absent "s". This "s" present or absent makes all the difference when you're on sites that demand personal information from you. It stands for "secure"

When accessing sites that request your personal details, if the site doesn't have the "s", all information you filled out could be stolen by a third party. You may have been a victim from this and you probably blamed the site for scamming you but it may not have been their fault. There was an "eavesdropper" who stole your information. To avoid this happening, you should know these;

Http stands for hypertext transfer protocol. This network protocol standard is what allows web browsers and servers to communicate through the exchange of data. Http only concerns itself with getting information from one place to another without caring how it is done. The how is very important. This nonchalant feature makes both the information and the information receiver (that’s you) vulnerable to third party interception.

Https also does the same thing Http does. It means the same plus the added "s". This means that unlike Http which doesnt care how it passes information, Https cares and it ensures that information is passed in the most secure environment. Without HTTPS, any data you enter into a site (such as your username/password, credit card or bank details, any other form submission data, etc.) will be sent plaintext and therefore open to interception or eavesdropping.

And that is why it is very important to check that a site is using https if they ask you to fill in personal information about yourself before you proceed to do so. Remember, "s" stands for secure and secure means safe. People are really hungry these days. Do your best to ensure you don't get eaten.

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