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How To Withdraw Money From An ATM With Your Phone Without ATM Card

The banking industry has introduced impressive and mobile-friendly features that allow the customer to access cash without much stress,

Those days are gone when customers go through the hassle of only receiving a little cash from the bank or making a move from one bank account to another with the help of our cell phone.

Nokia torch or iPhone one can conveniently send any amount of money from his bank account without having to visit the banking hall, using a dedicated USSD code.

ATM cards have equally made cash withdrawal so easy, now here comes an option for Cardless Withdrawal.

Another awesome Feature is Cardless Withdrawal, ie withdrawing cash from an ATM without your ATM card with the aid of your Mobile Phone, this feature is not widely known by many, so on this article, We will discuss intensively on how it works and the USSD code of the Currently supported Nigeria banks, read on.

The name has said it all, Cardless withdrawal feature enables a customer to withdraw cash from his bank account on an ATM machine without using his ATM card,some banks Call it Cash Rescue, this feature comes in handy in times of emergency, unexpected expenses, etc, one might plan all his cash expenses thus leaving the ATM card a home, however, an unexpected expenses might come up and thus the need to withdraw cash. The cardless withdrawal feature is yet to be embraced by most banks, the list of the supported banks will be listed on this post

How Cardless Withdrawal Works

To withdraw cash from an ATM without your ATM card,

• simply dial your bank Instant banking USSD on your mobile phone,

• select Cardless withdrawal option from the drop-down.

• input the amount you would like to withdraw.

• Now input your pin or the last 4 digits of your atm card number in some cases.

• A withdrawal code will be displayed on the screen copy the code, a text message containing the code will equally be sent to you via text message in some cases.

• Head straight to your bank ATM card, select the cardless withdrawal option, input the code issue to you.

• select the amount and the cash will be issued to you by the ATM.

Note that you can perform this cardless withdrawal only on your banks ATM machine,

For security, the withdrawal code cannot be used to withdraw after some minutes of been issued, 20 to 30 minutes in some cases.

Daily Cardless Withdrawal limits are set by banks to lessen the loss in cases of fraud. Different banks use different methods for the cardless withdrawals, some of these methods will be listed below.

Nigeria Banks That Supports Cardless Withdrawal

1. Guarantee Trust Bank( GTBank):
Dial *737# select cardless withdrawal option and follow the prompts

2. Fidelity Bank:
Dial *770# select cardless withdrawal and follow the prompt

3.United Bank Of Africa (UBA):
Dial *919# select Cardless withdrawal option and follow the prompt

4.Diamond Bank:
Using the registered mobile number.

The customer gets the 6 digits magic code.

Then move to any Diamond Bank ATM and select magic cash option.

Enter the registered phone number with +234

Then enter the received 6 digit magic code

Create and confirm a 4 digit magic PIN (Create 4 digit PIN for first-time users).

The ATM will dispense cash after verifying your details.

Union Bank:

Union Bank cardless ATM withdrawal is a bit different from others. This is because Union bank requires all its customers to download Union bank mobile App on their phones before carrying out a cardless ATM withdrawal. After the App download, the customer first logins to the Union Bank banking mobile App.

Generate code using the mobile App.

Then move to any Union bank ATM or cardless enabled ATM with the generated code.

The transaction is completed at the ATM by entering the code and mobile number.

Zenith Bank:

Quickteller powers the cardless ATM withdrawal. In Zenith ATMs, It is displayed under Quickteller cash out option. This is because the Cardless ATM withdrawal is powered by Quickteller. It enables mobile money users an opportunity to withdraw money from ATM without the use of the ATM card.

They can also send money to others who may withdraw cardlessly at any ATM location using the 12-digit code and a 4-digit PIN sent to him or her.

The user will receive a 12-digit code and a 4-digit PIN. A customer can use these codes for safe withdrawals across Quickteller-supported ATMs nationwide.

Its Advice that you dont save your ATM Card Number or transaction pin on your mobile phone or sharing them with untrusted persons for security measure against lost.

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