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3 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your PC

1. Letting Dirt, Dust, and Liquids Run Wild 

All PCs gather some dust after over time, heating up the parts and making those fans work more harder. Cleaning it on a regular basis can help, you also need to keep stuff from getting into your PC in the first place.

2. Handling Your Laptop Carelessly 

Again, while desktop have the luxury of sitting easily in your office, laptops are subjects to all sorts of misuse. I've seen individuals get the PC by its display, open the hinge from one side with force and toss the PC onto the couch from the opposite side of the room. (Sure, a couch is rather soft, but one day, you're going to miss and hit the table or floor, and you'll be sorry.) I've even seen individuals use closed PCs as a coaster for their drink, which makes me grit my teeth in anxiety.

3. Mismanaging Your Old Battery 

Since your PC's battery begins with "eight hours of battery life" doesn't mean it'll remain as such forever. Batteries degrade over time —you may get eight hours on a full charge, but after a few years, that may degrade to six or seven hours. There's no getting away from this decrease, however you might be corrupting it quicker than needed If you generally get your PC down to 0 percent. 

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